Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Australian Alpine 100 Mile Ultra marathon

Saturday 22 – Sunday 23 April 2006

If you think you’ve run hard, think again. The inaugural 100mile (180Km) Australian Alpine Ultra marathon is set to be run over 22 / 23 April in the Bogong Alpine area.

Taking in over 5,500 metres of climb and 5,500 metres of descent, this run is set to become the classic 100 miler in Australia and will test runners to the limit. Set in the spectacular high country of north eastern Victoria the run takes in Mt Feathertop, Mt Hotham, The Fainters, Bogong Village, Spione Kopje, Mt Nelse and Mt Bogong itself – some of the best high country in Australia, and some of the harshest. People have died walking and skiing the course that the run will follow.

The inaugural run will be a “Fat Ass” style run with limited if any support. The aim will be to
a) See if it can be done
b) See how long it takes
c) Verify distances
d) Verify heights
e) To celebrate my 50th birthday

So if you’re looking for something different, if you want to have a fantastic run, great scenery, totally unpredictable weather and do something that will push you to the limits let me know.

Alternately if you want an enjoyable weekend acting as support to a bunch of dedicated lunatics you would be more than welcome..

A full run briefing sheet is currently being finalized.

Mandatory equipment will include
Full blizzard gear and waterproofs
Gortex bivi bag or lightweight tent
Sleeping bag
Map, compass, whistle
Mobile phone and /or EPIRB
Change of thermals (long)
Head torch, spare bulb and batteries

All runners MUST be prepared to camp out overnight in inclement weather or due to geographic misplacement – read getting lost

At present it is anticipated that the run will commence at 0400 on Sat 22 April at Harrietville, climbing the Bungalow spur to Mt Feathertop, who knows when it will finish.

To register your interest please let me know by return email or on 0418 136 070

Happy running
Paul Ashton - “A winner never quits and a quitter never wins”

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