Monday, October 10, 2005

Jesper Olsen to start Ireland Run

Ireland 6th October)

Arriving at last in Shannon next Tuesday 11th October is Danish ultra
runner Jesper Olsen, who set out from London on January 1, 2004 to run the
After he lands and collects his baggage very early in the morning, Jesper
will be on the road again, aiming to get as close as possible to Nenagh
during the day, with any local runners who want to keep him company more
than welcome.
Over the following days he will pass through Roscrea, Portlaoise, and
Newbridge before arriving in Dublin, hopefully on Saturday. When he reaches
the capital he hopes to run as far as the Mansion House to meet Mayor
Catherine Byrne.

"I'll be running on adrenalin at that stage and want to be fit for my
final 100km stage into London, " he says.
On Sunday, if time and energy permit, Olsen is even thinking of running
the Gerry Farnan cross country race in the Phoenix Park before making the
trip to England.
Looking after Jesper on his Irish trip is ultra distance record holder
Tony Mangan, who cycled round the world in 1978/9.
" Originally Jesper had planned to fly from New York to Glasgow, but I
e-mailed him and askd him why he was flying over our beautiful and rainy
country!" says Mangan.

In less than two years, Olsen has run through four continents, the minimum
required for a world record run.
En route he has competed in local races winning a 24 hour race in Sweeden
and the Colpac 6-day race in Australia.
Over shorter distances, he finished third in a 5km cross country race in
16 minutes 31 seconds.
Recently he ran his 25,000 kilometre in Pittsburg USA; he aims to run 26,000
kilometres in total.
At the moment [ time of print ] he is running along Highway 30 and hopes
to arrive in New York tomorrow ( Friday 7th October).
Jesper doesn't run all day every day - for example his logbook for
September 1 shows that he ran 32 kilometres in 3 hours 6 minutes.
But with the ultra world waiting to greet him in London, he wants to run a
final 100km day to complete his run before the end of October.
Tony Mangan is currently looking for offers of accommodation for Jesper in
Roscrea and Portlaoise.
If you can help, or just want to join Jesper for a few miles contact Tony
Mangan or check out the following website -

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