Friday, October 14, 2005

Intro to the Northern Hemisphere correspondent

It's a pleasure to be so kindly asked by Mr. Phil Essam, ultra historian, ultra runner in his own right, and race director and commentator of the Cliff Young Australian 6-Day Race ("Colac") to contribute to the World Ultra News section of his Ultra Blog as the Northern Hemisphere correspondent.

My name is Constance Karras and I live in Cedar Lake, Indiana in the USA. I am an ultra novitiate trying to learn the ropes of this very demanding sport and enjoying every moment of it. I had the great pleasure of crewing Mr. Jesper Olsen through portions of his U.S. leg and am now overjoyed to see him well on his way to completing his World Run and setting a Guinness Book of World Record as the first person to run the circumference of the Earth's land masses! Bravo Jesper!

I will do my best to post ultra news from the Northern Hemisphere for all to enjoy.
Please feel free to contribute to Mr. Essam stories of ultra interest you wish to have posted.

May your Strides be many and your Falls be few,


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Phil Essam said...

Great stuff Connie. Thanks for coming aboard.