Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hot conditons in South Africa


42 hours30 degrees(C) by day dropping to 8 above freezing at 4:00am. Fortunately, it's still dry. For the first time in 11 years, the race is being lead by a lady runner. Susan Hurter (A.S.Eagles) has a 15km lead over Italian Aldo Maranzina. 3rd is George Niemandt (Roodepoort) and 4th is WALKER Brian Marshall on 172km. First novice Ingrid Solomon from Hewat A.C. Cape Town is in 5th on 170km. A transponder system has been implemented during the last 8 hours to remove some of the doubt that sometimes creeps in to an athletes mind after day 1. Marcelle Donald's blood blister purging operation was described by Marthie Brits (Chappies) as the most gory thing she has seen all week. Frik (Boksburg) is bringing up the rear on 125km. He is more interested in achieving his permanent number than in raw speed.

Full Results 26 hoursInto the second day, Brian M leads the field by consistent walking on 137km.Susan is 2nd overall on 130km. Brian Collings is 3rd on 127 with George Archer and Aldo jointly on 120km. Furtherest from the front, but not least, is Frik Du Preez on 84km. Still hot and relentlessly shadeless.

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