Saturday, February 25, 2006

USA 50km Racewalk

"In the men's 50k, Nunn, a 1:22 20k walker, established a 4-minute
lead by 25k, with Ray Sharp (Varsano's Chocolates) second in 2:06 and
Dunn third in 2:08. Fourth, fifth and sixth positions were held by
veterans Theron Kissinger, Dave McGovern and Mark Green, with the
smart-pacing McGovern and Green a few minutes adrift of the hard-
charging Kissinger. By 30K, Sharp (2:31:04) had slightly extended
his lead on Dunn and was beginning to close the gap on Nunn. At 40k,
the 46-year-old Sharp passed the faltering Nunn, who could not
survive the fast yearly pace and omnipresent chilling winds. For the
first time in his 27-year career, Sharp found himself leading a
national title race at an Olympic distance, but by 44 km he had
succumbed to the relentless Dunn, who strode smoothly to victory.
Sharp was rewarded for his efforts with two age-groups records
(3:22:36 and 4:21:01 at 40 and 50k respectively), and qualified for
his third World Cup team, the previous ones in 1981 and 1987.

Kissinger, McGovern and Green maintained that order the entire race,
resulting in 5 walkers under 4:40, a slight improvement over last
year. The first four finishers comprise the World Cup team with 50-
year-old Green as the alternate. Sharp, McGovern and Ian Whatley
won Varsano's Chocolates Racewalkers its second team title of the
young 2006 Grand Prix season, an especially sweet victory because
Whatley had to more than double his yearly mileage just to finish the

Don and Sandy DeNoon and a small army of volunteers and officials put
on an excellent event."

USA 50K RW National Championships

The 43 athletes competing in the fourth stop of the 2006 Race Walk Grand
Prix all felt the weather conditions were atrocious. Though it warmed up 2
1/2 hours into the race, at the start the wind chill had to be under
freezing. However, the strong wind that hit each walker head-on
during the
return lap of the circuit remained. As a race official noted the weather
took a toll on all of the participants during the latter stages of the

The race was not only the USA 50 kilometer National Championships, it was
also the selection race for the USA's World Cup Team. The first five
finishers under the qualifying standard of 4:45:00 were named to the team.

1 Dunn, Philip 34 Unattached 4:17:18
2 Sharp, Ray 42 Varsano's Chocolate 4:21:06
3 Kissinger, Theron 35 Unattached 4:36:42
4 McGovern, Dave 40 Varsano's Chocolate 4:39:01
5 Green, Mark 50 Unattached 4:39:44
6 Bartholomew, Michael 25 Walk Usa 4:57:53
7 Soucheck, John 40 Shore AC 5:00:03
-- Yanes, Juan 65 Guest - Venezuela 5:14:03
8 Walker, Max 59 Unattached 5:14:32
9 Logan, Bruce Edward 41 Unattached 5:36:41
10 Whatley, Ian 46 Varsano's Chocolate 5:49:00
11 Finch, Bernie 66 Unattached 8:04:24
-- Vayo, Bill 41 Walk Usa DNF
-- Parrot, Edward 35 Florida AC DNF
-- Jasionowski, Leon 61 Pegasas DNF
-- Berrett, Tim 41 Guest - Canada DNF
-- Carver, Robert 49 Central Florida DNF
-- Litt, Erik 37 Shore AC DQ
-- Nunn, John 28 Unattached DQ
-- McCullough, Stephen 44 Unattached DQ
-- Quirke, Stephen 25 Unattached DQ
-- Pecinovsky, Steve 51 Varsano's Chocolate DQ

Women's 50K
1 Hauch, Heidi 46 Unattached 5:34:12

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