Sunday, February 05, 2006

New Helper

Hi everyone, my name is Keith Thompson and I live in Eastport Idaho. I'm a new helper that Phil is letting me get involved with the World Ultra News. I'm very new to ultras, I've only run two in the last year and half. I have run a 50 miler and 100 miler. I love meeting new people at the runs and learning from some really great people who I've talked to for multiple hours running with them. I hope to continue to learn and grow in this wonderful sport. Thanks Keith.

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Phil Essam said...

Thanks Keith for your offer of help. im sure between us we can keep offerring a good information service for current and future ultra participants.

If anyone has anything to add to any news items please do or if you have a fresh news item to add, please drop us a line. Email address is at the top of the web site.