Monday, September 26, 2005

Help needed for Jesper Olsen with the Final Leg (England)

Dear Running Friends ,

Over the past two years I have been helping Jesper Olsen ( with his run around the world. On the 17th of October he will be arriving in Liverpool (from a week running in Ireland ) to start his finishing stretch to London. Im thinking he could aim for a finish in London by the 25th October.

Im needing help in various areas. These include planning a proper daily schedule, help finding a crew for Jesper, help finding lodgings anywhere on the route and any other suggestions or ideas.

Jesper is the real deal. He is a genuine ultra runner and I believe he has run every step of the way in his 25,000km plus journey. He has been a Great Ambassador for the sport and I hope the English Ultra running scene can help get him to the Finish Line.

Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions ?


Look forward to hearing from you.

Phil Essam

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