Friday, December 09, 2005

Worldrunner Rosie Swalepope: An Update

A few months ago I posted a story about Rosie Swalepope, the Welsh woman currently attempting to run around the world.

At Rosie's website, Rosie's son James keeps us posted on his mother's progress. Go to:

According to James' post dated 12/13/05, his mother arrived in Golovin, Alaska, USA this past weekend after leaving the friendly town of White Mountain, Alaska on Friday 12/7/05. She had a warm welcome awaiting her from the schoolchildren in White Mountain. James states:

"Hi everybody,

I am delighted to report that Rosie has made it to White Mountain at 2:05pm on December the 5th, 2005. She was met down on the river, by the school children, who made a banner to greet her, I would like to thank everyone involved for this wonderful welcome, particularly Andrew Haviland the school principal in White Mountain and also Fred Ross and Dean Rushruk who went out to meet Rosie twice to deliver her new sledge and again to bring out some hot foot. Regards, James"

So what's next for Rosie as she makes her way through Alaska?

"My dearest wish anyway, is just to do a complete circle of the earth, planned to keep me on as much land mass as possible, This is the coldest, hardest, most fascinating way, and involves almost 7,000 miles of Russia and Siberia. I shall go across Europe through Holland, Germany, Poland and Moscow before hitting the Trans Siberian Railway route. Then go to the Bering Straits, Alaska, America, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland and England, before returning to the start and finishing line at Tenby, my home in Wales. It will be my world voyage on two feet."

Why is Rosie running around the world?

"The death of my husband Clive from prostate cancer last year, taught me more than anything about how precious life is, How short it can be, that you HAVE to grab life, do what you can while you can, and try to give something back. I'll be trying to raise awareness of the following very special small charities - to represent the world:-

The Prostate Cancer Charity
The Siberian Railway Cancer Hospital in OMSK
The Kitezh Community for Orphan Children Orphanage, the hope of the future of European Russia through its children
The Nepal Trust that achieves so much with almost no money, in the Hidden Himalayas.
I am extremely grateful for the generosity of my family and friends, without their help and faith I could not succeed."

I'll be thinking of you as I am surrounded by my loved ones this holiday season, Rosie.

(all quotes by Rosie from her website)

--Constance Karras
Cedar Lake, USA

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