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Another Trans Aust runner

Run for Life ’05 - epic world record attempt to start in Fremantle
31 Mar 2005

CHAMPION marathon runner Achim Heukemes is to kick off a world record attempt in the City of Fremantle, Western Australia, on Saturday, April 2, as he sets off on an epic 44-day journey across Australia.

A sanctioned fundraiser for Oxfam, Mr Heukmes aims to run 4560km, averaging 105km a day, taking in Adelaide and Melbourne before finishing his journey at the Sydney Opera House.

And to help him get his journey under way, Fremantle Mayor Peter Tagliaferri will run the first 500m with Mr Heukmes, as he heads out of the port city on the fastest and longest-ever extreme run across Australia.

Mr Heukemes, 53, has many credits to his name with the most recent in 2004 - he ran 822km in a six-day European extreme race, maintaining a minimum of 100km a day against competitors 10 to 15 years his junior.

Other credits include:
* 2002: Second fastest 1000 mile (1600km) runner in the world. On the road for 11 days, 18 hours, 30 minutes. DUV honorary award (DUV = Deutsche Ultramarathon-Vereinigung, meaning German Ultramarathon Union).
* 2001: German champion on a 24-hour run, crossing Germany from its lowest to highest point. 1154 km in six days, 21 hours, 15 minutes. DUV Sportsman of the Year.
* 2000: German champion on a 24-hour run, crossing Europe from the Northern Cape to Sicily. 5735 km in 55 days, six hours, 45 minutes. DUV Sportsman of the Year.
Mayor Tagliaferri said it was wonderful to see a committed individual helping the community by volunteering his time to raise money for those in need.

“The fact he is quite prepared to stretch his endurance to the limit shows the strength of his spirit and dedication,” he said.

“I encourage everyone to show their support for Mr Heukmes by purchasing a Run for Life recognition and reward wristband, as part proceeds will go to Oxfam.

“I have no doubt he will achieve his goal and accomplish a world record, matching it with the equally important goal of raising money for charity.”

Mr Heukmes sums up the task ahead of him, simply by saying: “Never give up and push the limit, be first.”

He is an avid supporter of children in need and, as consul for the German Fanconi charity, he has previously supported children with a rare bone marrow disease by donating proceeds from his first book, Born to Run, to the charity.

* For more information, call Dan Avila on 0419 938 978 or go to the website

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