Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Chubb 25k/50k

The 8th Annual Double Chubb 25K/50K results, can be found on our web site at: (thanks Andrew) Directors report: We had runners from 12 states and Austria. The day started off at a cool 55 degrees, and slowly crept up to 84 degrees. It was mostly sunny, with a few clouds. As we have been having a very early spring, this year, the trail was more shaded than most years. After taking the customary SLUG photo, the race started. Adam MacDowell, once again won the 25K, 1:36:51, but this time without the sprained ankle. He did manage to take a wrong turn, as someone took down our direction signs. Therefore was unable to break the course record. Brian Beckfort, from Indiana was unable to hang on, taking 2nd at 1:41:42. Robert Fuerst was 3rd, taking the Master division with a time of 1:50:50 for a new record. Mark Konya broke the Senior record with a time of 2:09:03. Slug George Powell took the Grand Masters award with a time of 2:46:39. The women's race was about 5 minutes apart also. Renee VanHorn kept Noelle Morgan-Chilcoat at bay, winning with a 2:31:08. Noelle is new to trail racing, and enjoyed her day very much. Finishing with a big smile, with a time of 2:35:54. Several ladies dropped down to the 25K race, from the 50K for one reason or another. (they were ineligible for age group awards) This gave Slug Laura Vossman, her first ever Master's Award. Way to go Laura. Deb Schopp repeated her win for the Senior division, as did Slug Joyce Yarger in the Grand Master group. Much to my delight, my running buddy Ed got to finish his first trail race. (He wanted me to join him, but with knee surgery planned for Tuesday, I couldn't) He was pleased with his time, and the fact that he did not get lapped by the 50K runners. This years 50K runners had their excuses lined up way in advance. "well you know I am running McNaughton" "Boston is the Monday before" Did not matter in the least, I think this racing into shape just works for these guys. Joel and Tom were about 1 minute apart at the half way point. The gap spread at the finish. Joel Lammers won for the 5th time with a time of 3:53:32. It was a little hot for the WI runner, but then again I did ask him to bring some snow. Tom Whalen was close behind taking the Masters division with a 4:04:25. Slug Tony Kramer took the Seniors award with a time of 4:59:44, and Slug Ran Ryerse shattered the Grand Masters record with a time of 5:16:05. Austrian Helmut Lizbichler age 64 finished his 50th Ultra, with a time of 5:54:42 For the women, Becky Leahy and Christine Crawford had finished in a tie, in 2005. They were about 2 minutes apart at the half way point with Becky still leading. We got reports later that Christine had managed to pull ahead at the turn-around and had a 6 minute lead. Christine Crawford won with a time of 4:33:23, 7th place overall. Becky took 2nd with a time of 4:55:35. New Slug Joan Bennett took the Master award with a time of 5:29:04. Raz Estridge and her dog Booper finished in 8:24:49, giving Raz the Senior award. Booper was the first K-9. For those of you who saw Heidi pulling around Tom Reich, Heidi did not do the whole 50K. It was a fun day, with my sister Jane taking pictures and having them done before the runners finished. Jane let everyone who wanted to take their pictures home with them. Joe Miller filled in as camera person, while Jane went and got the photos. Thanks to my aid station workers Angie, Jessica and Susan ,Jacob, Ken, Tom and Joe, Jenn, Tracey, and Rob . Thanks to my husband David for all the work leading up to the race, and taking care of the timing. The Kenners came and helped us load everything up and clean up. I have such a wonderful group of Slug friends, without you guys this race would not happen. Sign up early if you want to run next year, as Chubb filled in 8 weeks. Victoria White Double Chubb Race Director

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