Thursday, March 02, 2006

Antelope Island Buffalo Run 25k/50k - from RD

Entries have exceeded wildest expectations for this first year of the Antelope Island Buffalo Run 25k/50k. I may have to up the entry limit for next year. As of today, I have 116 entries. I haven't opened today's mail, but there are ten more race envelopes. The race limit is 150 and entries beyond that will have to be returned. We also will not (obviously) be having any race day entry. If you get your entry in the mail today, there's a reasonable chance you'll get in. I'll post a note here as soon as it fills. If you want to volunteer, we can use the help. There's a note on the web site about who to contact. If you volunteer, you get a nifty shirt, free entry on to the island and buffalo stew. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate, but you never know in March.

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