Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Arrowhead 135

The Arrowhead 135 mile race started Feb. 6 at 7:00AM outside ofInternational Falls, Minnesota with a 60 hour cutoff. Temperature atthe start was at least 20 below. It was open to bikers, skiers, andrunners. There were a total of about 30 starters. The majority werebikers. 5 runners started.

The runners who finished were:John Storkamp [26] 2 days, 5 hours 5 minutes. First finisher andyoungestJim Benike [56] 2days, 6 hours, 40 minutes.

The race is on a snowmobile trail. There is one aid station at 38miles and another at 68 miles with drop bags. The second half of therace you are on your own. The runners dragged sleds with the requiredsurvival gear and well as other gear. My sled and gear weighed 48pounds. The days warmed to 20 degrees but the nights were well belowzero. One has to melt snow for water on the second half of the race.John and I each made camp for a couple of hours the second night. Thecourse is primarily flat but does have two 20 miles sections of steephills. How does this race compare to Badwater? Colder and slower butnow I feel I have a pair of matched bookends for my Ultra career. Thewebsite is:

<>The race isn't a hand-holder but it is organized well.

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