Sunday, February 26, 2006

Antelope Island Buffalo Run

The first running of the Antelope Island Buffalo Run 25k/50k is filling fast. I have over 100 entries and the race limit this year is 150. There will be NO race day registration so get your entries in now. The price goes up by $10 after March 4th and I don't expect to have many slots left by then.We are offering both men's AND women's style technical shirts for both entry shirts and 50k finisher shirts. Lot's of door prizes (I'm still trying to find a door). We're also part of the Trail Runner 2006 Trophy Series.We also need volunteers, so if you have a friend or SO running the race, we can use your help to help them do well. We'll also sign off on any volunteer requirements for other races. Go to the web site for all the info on the race, including volunteering (updated just yesterday).--

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